11 Tips to Help You Get Your House Ready for the Holidays

By September 29, 2016News

It’s that time of the year again! You’re breaking out the holiday decorations, buying fun gifts, and getting ready for that big family party you throw every year. You take a look around your house and the sheer quantity of everything that needs to be done suddenly settles on your shoulders. Where do you even begin? Well don’t worry, we’ve got a few tips that may help you. Here are 12 tips to help you get your house ready for the holidays:

1. Make a List

Making a list of what needs to be done can help keep things from getting too overwhelming. Write down which rooms need the most attention first and start with those. It can also be helpful to take an inventory of what you have ready and what you may still need to get to have your home holiday ready.

2. Gather Your Decor

Before you can start decorating your lovely home, you will need the right materials. Head down to the storage unit and gather all the boxes of decorations, wrapping paper, and bows that have been waiting all year and are ready for you to bust them out.

3. Remove Everyday Decor

When decorating for the holidays, it may not be wise to just add decorations to what you already have. Move your everyday accessories out of the way. Store them in your storage space until you’re ready to put them back up.

4. Get Organized

Before you jump right in and start moving things around, get your decorations and holiday paraphernalia organized by importance and location. This will help you in keeping things straight as you begin the decoration assault.

5. Take Shortcuts

Feel free to take the shortcuts you can. You don’t have to detail the kids rooms or the office if your guests aren’t going to be spending time there, stick to the necessities and save yourself some time.

6. Focus on Your Desired Environment

When you’re getting ready for your holiday guests, remember to focus on creating the right environment. If you’re going for classy, decorate with classy colors like gold and silver. If you’re going for fun, use bright colors.

7. Details are Your Best Friend

To create that perfect feeling, utilize little details like a fun doorbell tone or dimmed lighting. These can make all the difference.

8. Keep Your Paths Clear

Well shoveled and salted walkways are an absolute must when expecting company. You don’t want your guests slipping and sliding all over your front porch, and you definitely don’t want a trip to the emergency room to ruin your holiday festivities. Use kitty litter or salt to keep your drive and sidewalk clear of ice.

9. Clean and Cover Your Floors

Just as much as you don’t want your nana to slip out on the front steps, it would be awful to have her slip as she walks through the door. Roll out a rug for folks to wipe their shoes on. This will keep your guests from sliding on a wet floor as well as keep your floors clear from snowy or muddy shoes.

10. Save Your Furniture

If you have fabric-covered furniture, use this tip from This Old House for keeping your couches covered. Treat your furniture with a furniture spray to avoid permanent stains. If you’re really worried about your furniture, consider putting it in storage for the duration of your holidays.

11. Watch Out for Clutter

Clutter can make a spotless house look messy, so make sure to get the extra trinkets out of the way. If you can’t decide what is clutter, ask yourself questions about it. Is it necessary to get through the season? Does it add to the room? If not, it’s probably clutter.  For all the extra things you may not need right now but can’t bear to part with, put them in storage until you have space for them again.