The New Year is upon us and with that comes what can feel like a double-shot of reflection and goal setting. Most of us are so busy, that the idea of creating balance in our lives seems unreasonable and unrealistic, but here are some ideas that can help.


My deduction is that it will be a great year if I set higher standards for my goals.

Management guru Peter Drucker has become famous for his motto, “Whatever is measured, get’s managed”. This is true for one’s organization and personal life. If we want to get results we must set the right kinds of goals and objectives. Sure, someone can get results in spite of themselves but that is the exception not the rule. You know what the rule is?

Clearly define meaningful goals and objectives and we will achieve our personal mission and vision.

When it comes to the terminology, I define a goal as a desired outcome, where as an objective is a concrete milestone that leads to accomplishing that goal.

Here’s how I tackle this process in my own life:


Patrick Lencioni talks about this method in his book, “The Advantage”.  A theme gets me thinking in the right direction which helps guide me as I start to plan how I can make my hopes and dreams for this next year come true.


For me it’s the following: Faith or Spiritual, Physical, Mental, Social, and Emotional. I ensure that I have something meaningful to accomplish in each of these core areas. Some years I’ll have more goals in an area if I feel it needs more attention or my life-stage requires it.


In order to make any changes that are lasting it NEEDS to be REWARDING! An example of this would be walking vs. taking a spin class. For many people the idea of being amongst piers who share the same interest and motivation can be incredibly motivating but for others this can be overwhelming. If you don’t LOVE it chances are your NOT going to do it!

Journal this journey, list your “GET TO DO’S”! Your list should consist of several ideas in each one of the 5 areas. Don’t be afraid to try new things, the idea behind this strategy is to identify your passions. Start each day anticipating progress by trying new things. You will soon realize that life can be fun and rewarding as you find balance and greater meaning.


  • Start with a personal progress journal and make a list of your “GET TO DO’S”
  • Identify the things in each area that you are most excited about trying or doing
  • Go out and DO, DO, DO…
  • Report and share your progress with someone
  • Don’t be afraid to change your list, it should be changing as you start to identify your passions
  • Find balance, focus on each one of the key areas but remember life does include the “HAVE TO DO’S”

Some people see this kind of outline as extreme, selfish and they avoid it altogether. Don’t do that. Find the things that will become part of you and share it with the world. You will have days that you don’t want to do a thing and that’s ok, we all go through it but NEVER lose sight of your vision and never give up! This process doesn’t just have to happen once a year, it becomes a way of life that will serve you year after year.

I hope this helps you in your journey to success. Dream big and good luck! Hats off to an amazing 2019!