By Travis Murdock December 10th, 2018


Highway 210, Little Cottonwood Canyon, Snowbird, UT, 84092  ph: 801-933-2222

Snowbird and Alta have been named the No. 1 ski resort in the United States by SKIING Magazine for five years in a row.

Snowbird offers 882 lodging rooms between four lodging properties, a luxurious spa, a plethora of dining options, four-season activities and a staff dedicated to meeting your every need.


State Highway 210, Alta, UT, 84092  ph: 801-359-1078

Alta has been a haven for powderhounds and beginner skiers for 69 years. We are recognized for our varied terrain, breathtaking scenery and unparalleled snow conditions with 500+ inches of dry Wasatch snow. We welcome you to experience Alta for yourself.

If you are traveling back and forth during this ski season and want to avoid shipping, potential damage, or even losing your equipment, our rental solutions include small storage spaces at UNBEATABLE prices!

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