What’s New? Press the Button on our Call Box to Find out.

By August 15, 2016News

Call Box

No one in the office? Press the button on the call box! We have recently acquired a call box for our facility. The call box is used as a direct line to connect a customer with our on-site manager for immediate assistance during open hours. There are times when on-site mangers need to be on the facility to do routine checks/maintenance, and if you happen to catch us during this time you can call us back down to assist you with a press of a button.

To use this call box is pretty simple. There is only one button on the call box and once you press the button it will start connecting you with our manger’s phone. There is a built in microphone in the call box so you can talk away without having to worry about getting your hands dirty. The call box even has a speaker for easy and simple conversation.